2021 Report



ACCIONA Energy is the largest global energy operator exclusively dedicated to renewable energies, with a multi-technology approach and a presence on 5 continents. Our mission is to demonstrate the technical and economic viability of an energy system based on renewable energies as the backbone of a new economy.

Through the development, construction, and operation of renewable assets, and the management and marketing of the energy generated, we contribute to building a more sustainable energy system at a global level, ensuring the profitability of our investors, offering reliable and competitive solutions to our customers, and researching innovative energy solutions that allow us to advance and accelerate the decarbonisation of the global economy.


Our three decades of experience in the renewable sector goes hand in hand with the development of the main clean technologies on which the energy decarbonisation process is based.

  • Wind power
    According to IHS, ACCIONA Energía is the world’s 7th largest operator in terms of company-owned installed onshore wind capacity, excluding operators in China. It manages 8,787 MW. Thanks to its agreement with SSE Renewables, the company will also develop offshore wind energy projects.
  • Solar photovoltaic
    the company is a leading international player, with 1,441 MW owned. In 2001 it pioneered the construction of what was the largest solar photovoltaic plant in Spain (1.2 MWp).
  • Hydroelectric
    Solid experience with operating assets over 100 years old. It currently operates 873 MW, including an 89 MW reversible plant.
  • Thermal renewables
    61 MW in three pioneering biomass plants in Spain and 64 MW in a solar thermal plant in the United States.
  • Energy storage
    Pioneers in Spain in storage integration in wind power and photovoltaic plants. In 2021, the company connected the country’s first renewable storage plant using recycled batteries.
  • Energy sale
    ACCIONA Energía is one of the operators with the largest number of signed PPAs in the world. In 2021, the company was again designated as the largest independent 100% renewable marketer in Spain, according to data made public by the Spanish National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC). The company uses blockchain to ensure the 100% renewable origin of the energy it sells to its customers.
  • Green hydrogen
    Partner in the first hydrogen hub in southern Europe, located in Mallorca. Joint venture with Plug Power to develop and operate green hydrogen projects in Iberia. Funds awarded for the first large-scale green hydrogen plant in Chile.
  • Energy services
    The company designs and invests in solutions that optimise and reduce the energy consumption of public and private customers. It has recently been awarded the largest energy services contract in Spain, in Gijón, and has entered the French market at the beginning of 2022 after acquiring Equinov, an energy efficiency company.
  • Intelligent charging of electric vehicles
    After acquiring Cargacoches in 2021, the company has around 50 intercity fast charging points and manages over 400 third-party charging points and 10,000 registered users. In this way, the company is also expanding its solutions portfolio to serve companies and institutions that include electric mobility fleets in their decarbonisation plan.
  • New energy solutions
    In 2021, ACCIONA Energía obtained European funding for agricultural irrigation with an innovative photovoltaic solution, installed the first industrial microgrid in Spain together with Schneider Electric and is moving towards the development of new technological solutions of floating offshore wind power, a sector with great growth potential.
  • Operation and maintenance
    The company provides these services through its Renewable Energy Control Center (CECOER), both for its own plants and for third parties. Every year more than half a million incidents are managed, of which more than 60% are rectified remotely.
  • Self-consumption
    ACCIONA Energía offers self-consumption solutions through renewable energy plants customized for each client, both connected and isolated from the grid, close to the point of consumption.
North America Central and South America Spain Rest of Europe Asia and Oceania Africa
Revenues (M€) 168 436 1,502 231 78 57
Installed power (MW) 1,307 2,453 5,735 577 756 418
Energy produced (Total GWh) 2,447 6,348 12,218 1,051 1,519 959
Avoided emissions (thousands of tonnes of CO2) 1,459 3,829 5,373 585 1,323 789
R&D&i figure (M€) 23 52 16 - - -
Workforce (employees) 185 380 925 71 150 51



  • Development and implementation of the marketing strategy in Spain - Ensuring the visibility of energy sales.
  • Purchasing strategy - Containing and mitigating the risks of our growth plan related to the supply chain.
  • - Installed capacity execution - 0.8 GW to be installed in 2022 and ~2 GW under construction by year-end.
  • Entering the Brazilian market.
  • Developing and implementing of the Green Hydrogen strategy.


  • Optimistic 2022 outlook - Supported by our trade policy.
  • - Growth in renewables - value creation opportunity for decades to come.
  • Commitment to the 2025 capacity target.
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